Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Workshop: Samel X. Brase

An Element of Discovery

The two of us, we’re standing, staring at the slippery object on the bathroom floor.

“It’s not mine,” I avow. It takes all of my effort not to fly off the handle. “Is it yours?”

My roommate looks up at me. “No. But if it’s... not either of ours, where did it come from?”

I bite my lip. What a terrible question.

creation note: Tension is one of those things that is essential to the story. Without tension, the work is pointless, like the movie Wimbledon. I’m not superb at tension; dialogue comes naturally, tension does not. I often have to make sure there is an appropriate amount of tension in a story, going so far as to think about it like a movie (action beat, drama beat, sex scene, twist!). A passing thought in my head, this scene represents one of many attempts on my part to foster a friendship with tension.

Bio: Samuel X. Brase writes about writing on his blog, ktvo.wordpress.com, and has been published in The Foundling Review and Prima Storia. In his free time, he sits and hopes that one day, Steven Spielberg will option the movie rights for his unpublished novel.

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