Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Workshop: Matt Green

Kristine made rubbings on gravestones she was strangers with. She took their pictures and laughed and had picnics with them. Then she would go home and post all the pictures and rubbings on her wall. Then she disappeared, and the police went and dug up all the graves.

In each grave was a coffin. And each coffin just had a picture of a person in it, and a rubbing of their face.

creation note: The original idea for this came from the fact that in 19th century America, going out and picnicking in graveyards was a cool thing that everyday people would just do. Also, having frequented graveyards and taken pictures, I sometimes wonder what the hell I should do with them other than keep them because they’re pretty. Take that, reverse it, and look, it’s creepy. Lots of things look horrible in the mirror.

Bio: Matt Green writes about how his (and other people’s) mad little babies are born on his blog. He has previously had poetry published in Calliope, but hasn’t done anything for you lately

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